Sunday, September 30, 2007

There once was a Newf named "Beau"

Well another Sunday has past and I have to say that last Sunday was way more fun then today. It was a typical west coast day with lotsa rain and wind. I did manage to get 2 walks in but no truck rides and no swimming. Here are a couple pictures of one of my siblings ( well sort of, I never did get a chance to meet him) a Landseer, his name was Beau and he lived to be 13, mom & dad talk of him often. They say that he was a big handsome boy like someone else they know (wink wink) and he was so gentle, he came to them when he was 8 months old after the couple that adopted him first were unable to look after him, go figure as if newfs don't grow...HELLO...anyway there loss was mom & dad's gain. He had one of his eyes damaged when he was a small pup and after years of care, the Dr. finally had to remove it. But Beau didn't mind, he rarely looked at himself in the mirror. I'll show you BJ next...get it Beau Jr....oh brother....

Monday, September 24, 2007

I love Sundays!!

Well Sunday was a great day, we did all the things I love to do. Started the day off with a walk to the beach, then mom & dad had this big discussion as to weather I could go swimming or not. Dad said he didn't have time, and Mom saying "oh come on he hasn't been swimming for over a week." Well mom won, I mean I won!!! But the deal was mom had to bath me when it was over. So the swimming was great, Dad threw the stick oh so far out, I had a great time ( Andrew where are you? I need your help.) Sorry Satch just to let you know its NORMAL for newfs to like the water. Then it was back home, I carried my stick all the way home and then buried it in mom's garden, I don't know why she was so upset, I bury my cookies there all the time. So out came the bucket, hose and that smelly stuff she puts in the water, and after standing for the longest time I was finally allowed to run away, thats the best part of a bath is when its all over and I get a rub down with the big fluffy towels. Next up was a truck ride, I love truck rides. Dad lets me stick my head out the window sometimes and lotsa people talk to me. We went for another walk, this one was longer then the first one! By this time I was so pooped, we finally got home and I was able to stretch out and have a rip snoring good nap.
Oh did I mention that I love Sundays!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Andrew "Karazan's Music of the Night"

This is Satchie's little brother (sort of) Andrew "Drew" as he's known around his home. He is a beautiful Karazan boy, who will be a big 1 year old next month. His dad say's he is a really good swimmer. I am so looking forward to meeting Drew & Satchie, and practice our water rescue. Sorry Satch you can watch from the beach!

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Bud Satch "Karazan Satchel"

This is my buddy Satchel, he lives down in California, he has a younger brother named Andrew, as soon as his dad sends a picture of him I will post it. Satch is the same age as me, and as you can see looks alot like me. We seem to have something in common with our tails! Satch's dad is fighting a big battle with the people that look after the beaches and parks in San Francisco, seems they don't want any of us or our 4 legged friends playing or swimming on "their" beaches. One day Satch and I are going to get together, I can't wait!!

Here's Rebus

This is Rebus, he is my 1/2 brother. Rebus is just 10 months old and already weighs 120lbs. His real name is "Pipeline's Beyond the Sea". He is a gorgeous newfie with the sweetest of temperament. He hangs out in Nanaimo B.C, with his mom Val and dad Glyn.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing "Gizmo"

My name is Gizmo "Mainsails Blackberry Express" I was born March 18, 2004 in Chilliwack British Columbia. I now live with my mom & dad in Ladysmith B.C. My most favorite thing to do is hang out with my dad and go swimming with him. He lets me rescue him! I'm just learning water rescue. I am now 31/2 years old and weigh 175lbs. I am a TipTop puppy, my dad is Tip Top's The World is not Enough "Baja" and my mom is Tip Top's Singin the Blues, "Sophie"