Monday, March 30, 2009

Gizzy Goes Carting....

Well mom finally got her way. She has been wanting to make a working dog out of me for along time, and I have been resisting. But on Sunday we all went to a Carting Clinic that the Newf and Berner Clubs put on. It was a beautiful sunny day and the turnout was called it Newfie Heaven!!!

We started off just kinda sniffing around the carts. Then mom went on a hunt to find a harness for me. She kept trying harness after harness but none would fit my slim build, until way down at the bottom out comes this nice leather harness, dad adjusted all the buckles on it and surprise it fit me! So we walk around to make sure everything feels ok with the harness and nothing bugs me. Next dad brings this cart up to me and throws some treats in it so I sniff around and find them, he picks the cart up and we walk around with it for awhile. Every once in a while he hits me with it, I just kinda looked at him "watch your driving dad!"

I had to show everyone how good I was at backing up. Dad taught me how to back up a long time ago, so that part was easy.

Then the cart gets attached to me, and now they want me to walk with it, I said "no way" get me outta here! So they undo everything and we walk around a bit. Then they attach the cart again and I take a few steps, then they undo it all again, we did this about 5-6 times and in the end it was ok, but the cart was too small for me and kept digging into my shoulder. So dad mentioned something about having to build one for me.

I met alot of other newfies, this is a picture of Chris and her boy Chevy. Chevy is from Saskatchewan. he did really well with the carting, but his mom has been practicing with him.

But I gotta tell you the best part of the whole day was at the end. This really hot Landseer comes strutting by and gives moi a little wiggle of her butt. She was drop dead gorgeous. We goofed around for a bit and everyone was laughing at us, but hey it wasn't funny!.. I wanted her and she wanted me but the almighty leash held us at bay. We both tried to break free but dad and a firm grip on me and her mom had even a firmer grip on her!

It was a really tiring day, no resting for us working dogs. When we got home it was dinner and lights out.

But I know thats not the end of my carting days, cause mom and dad were talking about getting my own harness and cart.

I think I would much rather spend time with the girls!!!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Gizzy Wins in USA!

It all started with a drive to the ferry in Victoria, and and hour and a half later we were in Port Angeles. We got to stop at one of my favorite Pet Stores "Best Friends Pet Store" in Sequim, where mom and dad loaded up on a bunch of stuff for moi, and the owner Auntie Hope let me in her store to check out anything I wanted!
We finally arrived at our hotel in Bremerton, where the smells wow, there were so many dogs staying there, it was heaven, right on the beach with a beautiful walk on the promenade. We had a deck on our room that I was able to hang out on, it was the first time I had ever been in an elevator, the floor was moving, it was pretty freaky, but the stairs were just too much, going up them was ok but I couldn't come down those stairs, so I went for rides in the elevator.
On Saturday our show time was at 1040, but we went early so we could watch Auntie Terri show Haley her gorgeous Belgian, she is just 4 points away from her American Championship and we think she got 2 points on Saturday, and one on Sunday. She is a very pretty girl, and I got to hang out with her lots.

Then it was onto the grooming area where I endured all of the pampering that mom and dad felt I needed. Thats Auntie Barb trimming my coat. Then dad gets all decked out in his suit and its Show Time. I got 2 ribbons, First for Open Dog and a Purple and White striped one for RWD (Reserve Winners Dog) kinda like runner up in a beauty contest.

Jackie who is from Topmast was also with us, she is beautiful!!! And boy did she smell good! Her mom Auntie Barb showed my mom how to make me look even more handsome! Jackie won on Saturday, and showed so well on Sunday. She is a very busy girl and hard to keep up to!

Thats my dad in behind me on the table. He's making sure I won't jump off. Is he crazy, I would never jump from that far up!

On Sunday well its back to do it all over again...the pampering and blowing, and dad getting all dressed up again, and back in the ring. This time I got 3 ribbons, First for Open Dog, then for Winners and a Blue and White striped one for Best of Winners. Woohoo!!! We had no time to celebrate because we had to race to catch our ferry home and made it just in time. I didn't get my picture taken or and special treats till I got home.

The best part about coming home is sleeping in my own bed again. I was soooo tired after all that travelling and hard work that I just curled up and went to sleep.

Gizzy would like to thank Auntie Barb, Auntie Terri , Auntie Del, Auntie Val and of course Uncle Steve for their help, support and encouragement, before during and after the show!

I'm sure once I'm all rested I'll be ready to do it all over again. Its so much fun meeting all those other dogs!
When's the next show?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Today Is My Birthday!!

Mom just can't believe that I'm 5 already. Yup thats 35 in newfie years! Mom says I have come such a long way, I'm just not sure if that is a good thing. Well ok so I have grown a little in the last 5 years, and I am a wee bit heavier than I was when she got me off the airplane, I was 60lbs when I arrived at my new home and 3 months old. Now I'm 180lbs and mom can no longer carry me around. Although she does lift me in and out of the truck.

Satchie and Andrew's dad, my Uncle Steve -- the greatest guy in the whole world (sorry Dad) -- made me this great video, and I thank him so much for the warm Birthday wishes.

My vet Dr. Pam says I'm entering into my senior years. I think its more mature years myself.

For now it's time for a well deserved nap.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Going to America!

Yup my mom and dad are taking me to the USA for my first dog show there. Its in Bremerton, oh we have such a long drive ahead of us. Not to mention all the primping that I am going through at the moment. Mom and dad have washed me every week for the last 4 weeks, and mom says I have to have one more washing before we go. The torture of it all, having to endure all the brushing and washing and clipping....for what.....2 minutes in the ring where some stranger feels me all over....I mean all over in places only my vet Pam touches me! I like Dr. Pam! But I also like Del and thats her doing all the trimming so that I will look so handsome. She does such a good job!

We get to stay in a hotel again, and eat out every night. Thats the good part. And we get to meet lots of cool newfie people.
Wish us luck!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Irish Spotted Newfoundland Society

Satchie, our founder

Satch, with the most amazing newfie, Jack WRD.

Satchie came up with this great idea to start our own club. On St Patricks day (1 day before my birthday!) we are launching the ISNS "Irish Spotted Newfoundland Society" Its for all of us so called "mismarked" newfies, can you believe that some people call us that!!! Anyway we are on the hunt for members, because as you all know membership has its privileges! If you are interested leave a comment on my blog or Satchie's and we will get back to you. We are looking for pictures pictures pictures, and of course stories lots of them!

Pipelines Beyond the Sea "Rebus" Breeder: Cindy Williams Pipeline Newfoundland, he is also my 1/2 bro.

You gotta be cool to belong to ISNS

This was in Medford Oregon, where I was awarded VIP from the hotel that we stayed in ah..."Very Important Pet"

So send us your pictures and stories and we will be able to update our facebooks and blogs.

What a great idea, Thanks Uncle Steve!!!