Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Satch!!

It's Satchie's Birthday today! He turns 5, he has finally caught up to me! Wishing you a very HAPPY DAY Satch! Have lotsa fun, do your favorite thing...go swimming!!!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gizzy went to School

Mom took me to school on Friday for show and tell. I got to go
to 2 classrooms and visit with all the kids. It was alot of fun, but a bit
overwhelming. Jake and Nevada both had to read a bit of history about
me, and what we were bred for. They were very interested
in my webbed feet, they all had to check them out. There were kids everywhere and they all wanted to say hi to me.
Which was ok but were they noisey. Jake took me around his class to
meet each one of his classmate. They all really liked me, which made
me feel good. The next class I went to was Nevada's, she is 2 years
younger than Jake, and at one time was so afraid of me she would
cry everytime I was around. But now she has no problems, she even
introduced me!

I was so tired after all that excitement. I slept all the way home.
Mom says she was really proud of me, and that I was soo good for
not scaring any of the kids. Scare would I do that?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why all the Bother, this Dog Show World?

We just spent 4 days dog showing. The competition was very strong with
19 of us on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. Mom says I'm Special now, what does
that mean? I thought I was always special. Anyway I wasn't the only one Special
at this show. There was 9 of us so called "Special" types.

All of this grooming is very tiring. I get so bored with it, I would much rather be swimming or truck riding or bush wacking.

As you can see I get very excited waiting for my turn in the ring. It seems we wait forever for our turn, and then the judge does all this touchy feely stuff, which I have never been able to understand. Dad and I run around the ring following all the other dogs, its ok if its a girl in front of me, I like chasing after the girls!

When its all over I'm ready for the ride home and a good long nap. After we stop for Ice cream
of course!

Mom says I can go back to being a normal dog for a couple weeks and then its back for another show. I'm hoping I can convince her to let me go swimming!