Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Congratulations Karazan's!

I just wanted to let my buddies down in California know how thrilled we are with your successful weekend at Cow Palace! We knew you could do it!! What a great show for all of you.
My mom was really upset that her plane got cancelled and she didn't get to share in your glory. It worked out really well for me though as mom spent the weekend with me!
We are waiting patiently for some pictures.
Please join me in giving all the Karazan's a big round of applause, but especially Andrew for all your hard work, we heard you did really well buddy, and Satch was right behind you. You guys did your papa proud.
Take care, and maybe some day we will be in the ring together. I'm kinda enjoying my time off right now though. Can't you tell by the smile on my face.

A New Friend

Ok so this isn't a brother but its the best I could do. I just want everyone to know that I really do like the chicks and that I would never hurt them. So I found a new friend and I think she likes me. We hung out for awhile before she was taken back to her mom. See I didn't do anything she was the one checking me out.

And if you believe that, you better give your head a shake....This isn't me!!! but its a good picture dontcha think?


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Just checking the Chicks!!!

Ok, so I mentioned a while back that Farmer Joe has chickens. Well today I was just hanging out when out of the corner of my eye I saw one. Sooo I just happened to wander over to see what was up when all this commotion started. It wasn't me honest I was just looking! Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Out comes Farmer Joe waving his hands, then I hear dad yelling at me, when the whole time I was just checking them out, they were the ones making all the noise, but do they get yelled out..nooooo....its always me that gets into trouble.
Now I think I'm going to need a lawyer to help me out.
Hey Satch, Andrew, do you guys know a lawyer that is willing to take dog cookies for payment.
Even worse, dad is scolding me cause I don't want to eat my dinner. He even tried to bribe me with some prime rib but I'll show him, I'll just snub my nose and turn away.
I feel a nap coming on.
oh I don't even like chicken!