Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Rescued My Mom Today!

Well this isn't really me, but I can dream big, can't I...

We are progressing quite well with our Water Training. It's one of my most favourite things to do. Today we were only allowed into the water one at a time, and we went through the steps to the test. Once the on land obedience is done, which is basically showing some control, which I have to tell you, beleive it or not, I'm exhibiting a wee bit of control these days. Mom says it's because I'm older and wiser and by now I should know what is expected of me. Yeah OK mom..whatever!! So after the heeling, recall and the one minute down it's into the water we go, again exhibiting control the whole time of course. There are five exercises that I must complete in order to pass my water test. Which takes place in September. The first one is "Simple Retrieve" Dad throws my favourite bumper into the water and when dad tells me to go get it I must swim directly to it and return it to dads hand. Just like the exercise says "Simple" right? Exercise 2 is the "Marked Retrieve" This is when an item gets dropped in the water about 50 feet from the shore, I'm not supposed to see it drop. The item could be a boat cushion or a life jacket. Dad will point it out to me and when he says "GO" I am released to get the item and return it again to dad's hand. A little more difficult but I think I can do it. Exercise 3 oh I like exercise 3 its "Tow the Boat" I sit at he shore with dad and 75 feet from shore is a boat. The person in the boat attracts my attention by calling and tossing a bumper that is attached to the boat into the water. When dad tells me I swim out and grab the bumper and return to shore. Again I must give the rope to dad's hand. Exercise 4 is the hardest one for me and I'm still trying to get this one down. It's "Take a Line" naturally I like to bring things in from the water, it's really hard for me to grasp the concept of taking something out to the water, but mom is hoping with lots of practice that I will figure this one out. I have to take a 75 foot floating line out to someone in the water that is 50 feet away from me. The person that I take the line to has to be a stranger, and I'm not real keen about going to strangers. Something that I was told when I was younger, never talk to strangers. The exercise is complete when the stranger has hold of the line. And finally exercise 5 is "Swim with Handler" I love swimming with my dad so I think I can nail this one too. Dad and I will wait at the shore until instucted to wade into the water for a swim. We will swim out about 20 feet and then turn to the shore at which time dad hitches a ride and I tow him into shore. Once I am able to walk dad will stand up and we walk to the shore together. And thats it, once I complete all 5 exercises I pass the test and am awarded the title of "WD" Water Dog. So what do you think, can I do it? You bet! I just need alot of practice and I'm going to ace this test! Wish be luck! I'll keep you posted on my progress until then. Gizzy