Friday, March 19, 2010

And Then I Turned 6

So mom woke up singing this song..."Today is your birthday!...we're gonna have a good time!"

And followed that by saying "It's a Gizzy Day!"...I thought every day was a Gizzy day!....but hey I'll take it. And so it began...the best day I've had in a long time....
In the truck and to the dog park we went....this was quite early and there was no one there, so I had the whole park to myself. Lots of sniffs and I ran from tree to tree with mom pulling up the rear.

Then mom had to go shopping, but she pops the back of the truck open so I can watch everyone come and go.
Home we went and we weren't there for long before we headed to the beach, and I just knew that I was going swimming, it was so much fun.

Ok so now this is where it goes a little sideways. But it always happens after swimming and that is a bath, but this just wasn't a bath it was washing and conditioning, then to the blower we went. Ah mom I'm getting a little tired's past my nap time.
Finally I cut loose and grabed my stuffie and ran...I plopped myself down on my pillow. Yipee she's going to leave me alone now.

But not for she comes with keys and leash in hand and says..."let's go for a truck's time to see Dr. Hayward"..hey wait a minute, you said this was going to be a Gizzy day...whats with the Doc's visit?
Oh it's to look at my paw, I have a small cut on my pad, and mom just wanted to make sure it was ok...and yup Dr. Hayward said we just have to wash it with some special soap and it should be good in a few days. But mom can't leave without me being weighed....and it was 180lbs. I'm really liking the homemade kibble and food my mom has been making me, and I guess I've put a little weight said something about more exercise....oh boy!
When we got home, dad was already there, so I got a big birthday rub down from him and a nice long chin scratch....but I was tired and just wanted to eat dinner and rest...after all I'm a senior now right?
So yes I did have a Gizzy day, it was a lot of fun.
I hope your birthday is as exciting as mine was.