Friday, February 20, 2009

We went on a hike today!

Mom took me on a long hike today, I knew we were in for it cause she packed a bag that had some treats for me and a big bottle of water. It was a nice sunny day, so we set out walking in the bush, mom kept going down trails and turning around saying ooopps wrong way. Dad was working so we didn't really have any direction. I was getting a little worried that we might not find our way back, so kept turning around to see where we came from.

Finally mom found the right trail the sign posted on the tree said "Trans Canada Trail" the next thing I know we are crossing this big suspension bridge with the water rushing below us. I could have really used a swim right about then but we were way too high! Once across the bridge there was a map that mom stopped to read, we decided we would keep going and try and find one of the lakes that she saw on the map.

Well so much for that, we could only go so far and then it was there....right before my eyes...SNOW!! mom just had her runners on, it didn't matter to me I could have kept going, but she chickened out and said we had to go back. It was ok though because I was getting pretty tired. We had already hiked for an hour and a half, and we had to do the same to get back to the truck.

When we got home I was so tired I drank a big drink out of the hose and then just crashed. Mom said I was a muddy mess, but it didn't matter to me, I was so tired.
It was alot of fun, but I still wish I could have gone for a swim! Oh well summers on its way!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Look What my Dad Made

My dad is very talented, he made these newfie cutouts! The ones above are made out of stainless steel and mirror polished. He cuts them out at work and brings them home and spends hours polishing them.
The rest that you see are finished with a powder coating, that will last a lifetime. Can you imagine a newfie that lasts a lifetime!!!

He put a stake on this one so you can stick it in the ground in your garden.

This one he painted the name on and put a hole in the top so that it can be hung on a wall. This is the biggest one he has made so far. It measures 36" from tip of tail to tip of nose. He has made all sizes from 6 inches to this one.
He also made one for our gate at the end of our driveway. He's put our house number on it.
Mom wants him to make a life size one for her, that she can put in her garden. I don't get it, she won't let me in her garden but she wants a newfie that dad made in her garden.
He makes these as a fundrasier for our Local Newfoundland Club.
I love my dad...