Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Raingear" for a Newfie???


Mom came up with this brilliant idea. A rainsuit for moi!! Can you believe it. I think she has gone a bit too far with this one. She insists that it will help in the snow with the snow balls that get caught on my legs. She also says it will make a big difference when its raining out, and that I won't get so wet and muddy. I'm just wondering who is this rainsuit for, me or her, so she doesn't have to dry me off!!! You tell me, is this the apparel that a working dog should be wearing? Let alone a newfie? Give me a break. It is so close to not fitting me, I think if I was to gain a few pounds then I would have it made!! This is enough to make me eat my dinners!

Come on you guys, I need your help here, if you tell my mom that this is totally ridiculous maybe just maybe she will give up on this idea. Hey Satch, Andrew, Rebus, Hummer, Sophie, Bella help me you guys, tell mom how silly this is!
Hey Ceasar, Thunder, Crickett, Scooter,would your mom make you wear this??? HELP!!!!
Uncle Steve says he is going to call Animal Care and Control, at least he is on my side!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Soup Kitchen for Pets

Berlin opens soup kitchen for pets
Posted Sun Dec 28, 2008 12:22pm AEDT

The soup kitchen in Berlin provides pets of the homeless and unemployed with a free meal. (Reuters: Pawel Kopczynski)
In a sign of the times in Europe's biggest economy, poodles, terriers and sheep dogs are queuing up for rations at Berlin's first soup kitchen for pets.
The venue is a disused night school in the former communist east Berlin, where the smell of straw, dry food and wet dog lingers in the air as a Jack Russell in a chequered coat waddles past on its way to the kibbles line for biscuits.
Pensioners and those on the dole qualify for the free pet food buffet which opened in the district of Treptow in mid-October, allowing those with no disposable income the chance to hold on to their beloved dogs and cats.
"We've already signed up nearly 400 people and our stocks are dwindling fast. Today cat owners are just getting a single tin each," said Julia Raasch, who heads the capital's sole animal soup kitchen, run by Tiertafel (Animal Dining Table), a pet welfare association.
Berlin, where unemployment hovers around 13 per cent, has some 100,000 registered dogs, many of them owned by pensioners.
The soup kitchen also caters to other pets including cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and budgerigars. Twelve volunteers hand out food and advice, while keeping an eye on the health of the animals.
Tiertafel, launched two years ago, now runs 19 soup kitchens across the country.
With the looming prospect of the longest and deepest recession in Germany since World War II, the group is planning on opening 30 more.
Claudia Hollm, who owns three dogs herself, said she came up with the idea of pet soup kitchens after seeing a television report about a family having to give their dog to an animal rescue centre after the father was made redundant.
"The dog didn't understand what was going on. All the family was upset and we just thought - it just can't be that for the sake of 30 or 40 euros ($62-$83) they've got to turn their pet out," she said.
"Everyday we see people who can't keep their pets anymore because of the cost," according to Evamarie Koenig, a spokeswoman for Berlin's central animal rescue centre.
The facility takes in more than 10,000 animals each year, with one in three handed over by owners who say they can no longer look after them, she added.
Pet proof
At the Treptow soup kitchen, animal owners must initially turn up with their pet in order to register. And they must show proof the pet has been vaccinated.
They must also prove financial need by showing their welfare papers, unemployment registration or pension card.
"It's easy for someone to go from middle-income wage earner to someone on Hartz IV," Ms Hollm said, referring to the state allocation granted to people on long-term welfare which is worth about 350 euros ($723) a month.
Poverty further isolates people who sometimes must rely on their pet for their sole company, Ms Holm said.
"Half our customers are old people for whom a cat or dog is their last social link," she said.
It also quickly became obvious that people needed more than just a tin of animal food, Ms Hollm added, pointing to the need to make sure pets stay healthy.
During the holiday season, the association called for extra donations so that volunteers could lay out bones, pigs' ears, toy mice and scratching posts under the Christmas trees set up in each of its soup kitchens.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Well I think so anyway! But then again I don't have to drive in it. My chauffeurs do that! The snow fell fast and furious the other day. When I went outside it was up to my armpits! It was so much fun. I helped mom make snow angels. I chased dad all over and knocked him down.

I really like the taste of snow, I could eat it all day! Hey Rebus, have you been playing out in the snow lots too. Do you get lotsa snowballs, the snowballs drive mom and dad crazy trying to get them off me, I get a little impatient waiting for them and once they are all gone, I'm ready to go back in the snow again. Maybe you could get your mom too make snow angels to Reb!!

One day my buddies Satch and Androol are going to come for a visit and we'll have so much fun! I just know Satch would love the snow way more than he loves to go swimming. His Auntie Terri is going to give him lessons on water rescue this summer. I can't wait to see some video of that! But until then I think I'll just hang out in the snow.

After all my playing in the snow I am so pooped out, I do like to come inside for a little R and R by the fire to warm up a bit.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Karazan Giacomo Poochini (Jack) Extraordinaire

Every once in a while you meet or read about someone that exemplifies the true meaning of a newife, mom just finished reading a story to me about an amazing newfie named Jack. Jack was one boy that all newfies would aspire to be like, and I would have loved to have met him. I think we would have had a great time at the beach. Jack loves the water as much as I do. I am sure he could have taught me a thing or two. Jack is no longer with us but his legacy lives on. One day I will meet him at the Rainbow Bridge. Born August 24, 1999 and passed away on December 8, 2006.

Below is the newspaper writeup of Jack's amazing accomplishment.

Ruff crossing: Alcatraz swim a canine first
Dog places 72nd, ahead of hundreds in annual race
Julian Guthrie, Chronicle Staff Writer

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Early Saturday morning, a Newfoundland named Jack made history when he jumped from a boat near Alcatraz into the choppy bay and swam 1.2 miles to the San Francisco shoreline.

He was the only dog among more than 500 swimmers who took part in the South End Rowing Club's 10th annual Alcatraz Invitational. Dog-paddling his way toward the front of the pack, Jack came in 72nd overall, leaving some serious swimmers seriously chagrined. His time was 41 minutes and 45 seconds.

Reaching the shoreline next to the Hyde Street Pier to chants of "Jack! Jack! Jack!" the 6-year-old, 160 pound Newfoundland, appeared to take his celebrity in stride. He trotted onto terra firma, evaded a lady trying to put a medal around his neck, and let out a full-body, water-flying shake. He proceeded to roll in the sand and make a quick detour to the nearest grassy area where he chewed on a large piece of driftwood he had taken in along the way.

His tail was wagging. The swim was behind him. His bounty was in front of him.

Jack made the swim in the frigid waters with his human dad, born-and-raised San Franciscan Steve Sayad. The two live in Sausalito and trained for the event swimming 2 miles twice a week at Aquatic Park. They also bodysurf together, and Jack is known for doing sprints every day -- generally after tennis balls. Before a big swim, Jack eats scrambled eggs. He has a weakness for carbohydrates, particularly bread.

"It was colder and rougher than we thought it would be," Sayad said after the race. "Jack amazed me. He was very focused. He started out really fast. I was trying to slow him down. He increased his pace to stay with the pack."

Entering Jack in the invitational was motivated by fun -- and business. Sayad, an attorney, represents a company called WiggleWireless that delivers text messages and news to cell phones. Subscribers to the service were able to receive live updates on Jack's progress. A portion of the money raised went to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Updates from Jack -- a kind of dog blog -- ranged from, "I checked into the Hyatt and took a drink from the toilet bowl," to "I'm standing in line for the Alcatraz swim. I don't see any other dogs." Several messages were sent mid-race. One read, "The water is ruff. I mean ruff-ruff."

Bill Wygant, president of the South End Rowing Club, which was established in 1873 and draws a hearty group that prides itself on swimming without wetsuits, said he was happy to allow a dog into the race. It was a first, he said, but he hopes not the last.

"This swim is about personal challenge," Wygant said. "Whether you are dog or human, it's whatever you can achieve that counts."

Lynne Cox, an open-water swimmer who has broken men's and women's records for swimming the English Channel and was the first person to swim between Alaska and the Soviet Union, was on hand to support the event. She said when she met Sayad, she asked whether swimming in the race was something Jack truly wanted to do.

"He said Jack would be upset if he saw him swimming and he couldn't swim, " Cox said. "I have a yellow Lab at home. Maybe next year the club will have a dog category."

Newfoundlands are renowned for the swimming and life-saving abilities, and Sayad has owned "Newfies" since he was a child. "'Jack is the king of Newfie-swimmers", he quipped with a smile of pride.

By midmorning, as swimmers continued to stream onto the beach in front of the rowing club, Jack began to unwind. He rolled onto his back, welcoming any and all congratulatory belly rubs.

Jack you were the best of the best!!!... You are truely missed. May you rest in peace my friend.

Beauty without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
And all the Virtues of Man without his Vices.

Your buddy Gizmo

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life on Hornby Island

We just came back from four days on Hornby Island...what a paradise!!! Mom and Dad seem so much more relaxed when we are there. They take me for long walks at Heliwell Park, its so beautiful, you can see the seals and sealions. They sure are big and make alot of noise, I thought they might need some help so I was ready to jump in and save them. We went to 4 different beaches and no one was on any of them. Not even the nudie beach....I think it was too cold, but perfect temperature for us newfies. You can run forever on the beaches, pure sand and longer than you can bark.

It takes two ferry rides to get there and I love going through the toll booth, they always have cookies for me, and not just one....I usually get extra. Then on the ferry all kinds of people talk to me and comment on how big my head is!! Whats with that, have they never seen a newfie before?

I get to go wherever I want in the house except I'm not much for going up the stairs, so I keep watch at night when mom and dad go to bed, I hang out right at the bottom of the stairs, keeping guard. Although I'm not sure what I'm guarding against. Dad's parents bought 5 acres in 1959 and paid $1000.00 for it. It had been a summer paradise for them, until his parents retired in 1977 and made Hornby thier permanent home. We are so lucky to have this special spot to call our home away from home....Thanks Grand dad!!!

I never have any trouble eating my dinners on Hornby, probably because I keep so busy during the day. Its the kinda place where everyone knows each other and will help you if you need it but at the same time will let you do your own thing.

When I get home from Hornby I seem to sleep for days, mom says I snore loud, but thats because I have had so much fun. All newfies should experience Hornby at least once in their lifetime. We have lotsa room so if any of you newfies want to come for a visit just let me know, and I will show you the best time of your life!!!!

This video is of us just heading to the path that takes us to the beach....its so much fun can't you tell.

To read more about Hornby check out

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Its my dad's birthday on Wednesday, and mom says he is one year closer to being older than dirt...thats 343 in newfie years!!!...yikes.... My dad is my best friend, he does all the things that I like to do. He wrestles with me, chases me, lets me chase him and I get to tackle him!! He is my favorite chew toy.

My dad taught me how to swim. And now I can rescue him if he is ever in trouble. We like to practice that in the ocean.

If I need a shoulder to lean on, its my dad's that I look for. He doesn't mind a little bit of slobber.

I know that all of you will join me in wishing my dad a happy birthday, and if I did drink I would raise my glass too, my dad does enjoy a good beer now and then.
Happy Birthday Dad!!!...you are the best!!!

ps...and for the record, dad has finally caught up to mom in being one year closer to older than dirt.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Gander" The Heroic Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland dogs are renown for their friendliness, love of children and for their rescuing abilities. Since the breed was developed in Newfoundland over a hundred years ago, there have been many stories told of Newfoundlands saving passengers from sinking ships and rescuing children in trouble while playing in their favourite swimming holes. But there is one Newfoundland that showed bravery and loyalty beyond what is commonly credited to the breed. His name was Gander and he gave his life protecting Canadian and other Commonwealth soldiers on the beaches of Hong Kong Island during World War II.

In 1940, Gander was the family pet of Rod Hayden, a resident of the town of Gander in Newfoundland. The dog's name at that time was Pal. He was well known in the town, but often mistaken as a bear by pilots landing at the airport. This gentle giant was loved by the neighbourhood children who used him to tow their sleds during winter. One day, while greeting a group of children, Pal's paw accidentally scratched the face of a six year old. Concerned that the dog might have to be "put down", Mr. Hayden gave Pal to the 1 st Battalion of the Royal Rifles of Canada as a mascot. His new owners called him Gander, after the military base they were responsible for protecting during the war.

Gander and the Royal Rifles were sent to Hong Kong Island in 1941 where they joined other Commonwealth troops to defend the island against attacks by the Japanese. During the Battle of the Lye Mun, Gander displayed great bravery protecting his "newfound" friends. When the Japanese landed near the Canadian section of the beach, Gander greeted the enemy with threatening barks and attempts at biting their legs. On another occasion as Japanese troops were nearing a group of wounded Canadian soldiers, Gander surprised the enemy by charging them. For some reason, the Japanese were unwilling to shoot the dog. Instead, they changed their route and the lives of the wounded soldiers were saved.

Gander showed his greatest and last act of bravery and loyalty during another Japanese attack. During the battle, an enemy grenade landed near a group of Canadian soldiers. Probably out of concern for his friends, Gander grabbed the grenade in his mouth and carried it to where it would do no harm. Unfortunately, the grenade exploded in Gander's mouth, killing him instantly. He had given his life saving the lives of the Canadian soldiers.

The story of Gander's bravery, once well-known and told many times by residents of his home town, was almost forgotten. In a conversation between Mrs. Eileen Elms, who knew the dog as Pal and whose sister had been scratched by the dog, and local historian Mr. Frank Tibbo, Gander's act of bravery was mentioned. Through their efforts, Gander's story was revived and his act of bravery recognized.

Gander, the Newfoundland dog, was posthumously awarded the prestigious Dickin Medal, equivalent to the Victoria Cross given to soldiers of the British Commonwealth for their acts of bravery. Gander was awarded the medal in August, 2000 at a Hong Kong Veterans of Canada reunion in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Bravo Gander

Beauty without Vanity, Strength without Insolence, Courage without Ferocity, And all the Virtues of Man without his Vices.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

CH Mainsail's Blackbeary Express

My brother Rebus and I were in a dog show on the weekend. We had to wait around for our turn in the ring. I just don't get it mom spends hours and hours washing, drying, combing and clipping me and for what? A whole 60 seconds in the ring. At least this time the judges were nice to me. And boy did they smell good!
I got to go in the ring more than once this time, which made it worth it I guess. The last time in the ring I got to go in with 2 girls, Enya is a very special girl, the only time she is in the ring is the last time, and she prances around like she knows what to do. I just kinda follow along behind her.
This is Rebus and his mom waiting their turn in the ring. Rebus looked so good, he's getting the hang of it. He doesn't mind the judges touching him at all in fact it looks to me like he really enjoys it! He is such a handsome boy if I do say so. His tail is just like mine. We should have a contest to see who can carry their tail higher. Dad keeps telling me to keep it down and wacks it every once in awhile.
At he end of the show mom took our pictures. Don't we look handsome?
Mom and dad were pretty happy the last day, they said I was a "Champ" and that now I can carry my tail any way I want. Whew, that was hard work. I got to eat as many cookies as I wanted. And they even gave me some steak to eat, but I wasn't in to it.....now I'm just kinda hanging out waiting to see if any good looking girls come my way.
Hey Satchie, are there any girls up at the kennels that would be interested in a good looking Canadian boy? I know your hanging out with alot of girls right now so see if you can find one for me.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

As newfie's we have alot to be thankful for!!.. We seem to draw attention everywhere we go, and mom and dad get asked a zillion questions about us, which they answer as if it was the first time they had ever been asked. Like:

How much do I eat? (anyone that knows me, knows the answer to that one)

How much do I weigh? (173lbs today)

Do I shed much? (oh about a ton a year)

Do I slobber much? (only when I'm hot or when there is ice cream around and girls girls girls!!!)

Where do I sleep? (anywhere I want)

What's my name? (Giz, Gizzy, Gizmo, The Giz,Big Guy, Handsome, Goofball, Gizzard, Gizzimoto, Doofus)

What kind of dog am I? (I'm not a dog, I'm a Newfie!!!)

Am I tough? (mostly from younger boys, I say "Do you want to try me?")

I am thankful for all the attention, I am thankful for all my friends, like Satch, Rebus, Androol, and of course my Godfather, Uncle Steve.

But most of all I am thankful for having a mom and dad that look after me so well.

Mom came across this posting and we thought we would share it with you.

Found on Craig's list (For all the people who casually place their beloved family pets on the pages of craigslist everywhere- for whatever reasons one can imagine..... .. THESE are the people who need to read THIS!)
I have three dogs, one is 130+ lbs, he's a Komondor, loves to play, will pick up the brush when/if I drop it and give it back to me. He has a ghost we call Boo.. He likes to carry Boo around. Great with kids, protective over his family. A female Weimaraner that is 60+, very pretty, shiny coat, blue in color. Can be protective, but is generally outgoing. Can put a treat on her nose then usually catch it. Sometimes the big dog grabs it before she gets it though. A 5 lb Yorkie, he's 10 years old, and cranky. Pees in the house if he's upset, and will occasionally leave other "gifts" for you. Things that upset him are not sleeping in, rain, other dogs, other cats, not giving him enough attention, anything new in the house, when I'm upset, when I leave and don't take him, and a few other things. But he does dance for a treat and catch mice and will do agility courses. My dogs are all neutered/spayed and current on their vaccinations. They get fed holistic food, it seems expensive but is really only $1/day for all of them. That's less than a bottle of soda. My dogs are not up for adoption. I have moved 6 times in my life, including college and a divorce, they always come with. We've lived here for 4 years, and if we move, they'll go with me. I have two kids, I still have my dogs. They were here before the kids, and I took the time to teach them to be gentle to kids, even tiny babies. My little dog doesn't like kids that much, he likes them when they're sleeping. So I trained my kids to leave him alone. I don't have a job, haven't for the last three years, my job has been being a mother. I still have my dogs. I just don't buy other things I don't need. I have a 130 lb dog who needs to be groomed... I brush him twice a week, it takes less than 5 minutes a day. I don't feel bad for people who say they "don't have the time" to groom a shih tzu. It doesn't take that long.
My dogs shed, but so do I, so I think we're even. I've had dogs my whole life, and have never "suddenly" acquired a strange allergic reaction to them, nor know anyone who has, and I know a lot of people with dogs.
My dogs do not destroy my house, because I don't let them. I have two breeds that are commonly referred to as strong willed and destructive. I simply have rules and make the dogs listen. They do not eat until I tell them they can. This makes me the pack leader. I do not share my couch or bed. With the big dogs, I will not fight over where I get to sit. I do not have to lock my dogs out of the kitchen when we eat. I simply taught them they're not allowed. A flyswatter being smacked on the table has a lot of power in a dogs eyes, used with the word "out" it's amazing. I have two cats, and a leather living room set. The cats are not declawed. I simply give them other things to scratch that are acceptable. They enjoy them. I have three dogs and two cats. Sometimes they get fed up with each other. I still have them all. I just remind them this is my house, and separate them from each other for an hour then everything is okay. I have an old dog, and I got a new dog. I did not get rid of the old dog because he didn't like the new dog. An end note to all the dogs who have spent the best 3-10 years of their lives in the only home they've known to be replaced by a child, other pet, move, new job, etc. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine your heartache of being disowned by your parent who loved you for years. There was a name attached, I do not know that it was the actual person who wrote it, or whether this was written as a 'model' to remind people that they're not getting rid of a coat, but a live being.
Regardless it makes a very important point and to me at least, is worthy of sharing.

The Gizmeister

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Eats This Stuff?

My mom and dad keep trying to get me to eat these hard crunchie things that taste just terrible.

I really have to know is there any newfies out there that actually eat this stuff. They keep buying different kinds and think that I will eat it but it is the worst tasting stuff ever! Dad even tried to show me how good it was by sitting with me and eating them too!!...He even said some tasted bad and no wonder I didn't eat them. Just who does the quality control on this so called food. Its not any newfies thats for sure.
My mom thinks she is being so sneaky and buries cookies in with the kibble, but I just dig them out and eat them and leave the kibble...yuck!!!..
If there is any dog food company out there that thinks they can produce something fit for a newfie my mom and dad would really like you to let us know.
As you can see in the video not one of the 14 kinds they tried me on even came close to satisfying my hunger. And I haven't eaten for 2 days.....Its driving mom and dad crazy, but what can I do if they don't feed me something I like?
Hey Drew, Satch, Rebus...you guys getting any good food these days??
I know if I hold out long enough and look really sad, mom and dad will give me some cookies.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meet The Karazan's

In the heart of Napa Valley California lives the Karazan's. Here is an introduction to some of the most beautiful Newfies past and present.

I had the pleasure of visiting this kennel and I have to say the girls looked and smelled marvelous mind you the competition is fierce, with the likes of Paris, Gaia, Hummer, Satchel and even Puppy, those girls are well looked after!

I hope to visit the kennel again someday soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Is That Gizmo??

Satchie and his dad were at a dog show in California, and a girl came up to them and asked "Is That Gizmo?" (Gizzy is so honoured to be mistaken for such a handsome boy)she had watched Gizzy's video's on youtube...too funny...this is dedicated to her..

Can you tell the Difference?
Click on the link below and you can tell the tail.....

Is That Gizmo Is That Gizmo

Monday, August 25, 2008

Newfie Land Rescue

This is for my buddy Satch, just so you know that you don't have to go in the water to rescue!

In March 2004, Melvin Dawe of Sandy Cove, Bonavista Bay, told of Nelson, whom he met at Harbour Grace in 1948 while his ship was in dry dock. A delivery truck pulled up at a nearby building, and while the driver was inside, a small child crawled beneath his vehicle. Nelson became aware of a problem when the driver emerged and started for the truck. The vigilant dog hurried to the truck and inched his way underneath until he could get a grip on the child's clothing, then backed out, dragging the protesting youngster. Evidently, no one but the sailors and dockworkers were aware of Nelson's action - certainly not the child's parents or the driver.

But on the other hand....A Newfoundland dog is not as avid a swimmer as you might imagine and needs a good reason to go into the water. Harold MacPherson writes in the first volume of "The Book of Newfoundland" that when one of his dogs, Billy, was ten months old, he was taken along by a group who went to swim in the ocean. They failed to coax him into the waves but when MacPherson swam out some distance, yelled for help, then threw up his arms and sank, Billy howled and immediately rushed to his aid. He never again showed any reluctance to enter the water.

So Satch I think you should convince your dad to go out in the water and splash around and sink, then you can time how long it takes someone to rescue him....

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Newfie Alert!

Alls well that ends well...Xin Xin was found and has been returned to her very grateful owner!!!


1 year old Newfoundland

Answers to XIN XIN (sin sin)

Went Missing Aug 11th, outside Starbuck’s in Duncan. Has been in the Country 2 weeks imported from Germany. If you have seen her please call
250 746 0808

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Dog Show World

We just spent the last two weekends getting up at 5 a.m. every day, going from one end of the island to another, from Campbell River to Victoria. After hours of refurbishing I had my 2 minutes of fame in the ring. Why is it those strange people want to touch and feel me all over? I mean all over!!... I just don't get it...I might have a little sniff here or there but to touch...not!!!...So I just sat down, enough is enough.

The best part was the girls, yup there was lots of them, I even tried to get close to one after the show but dad pulled me away from her. She was hot!! I also really like the Portuguese Water Dogs, they are always hanging out at the same time so I get to check them out too.

Mom told me that after last weekend I would have some time off to hang out at the beach. I would much rather be swimming instead of running around a ring, but if it makes mom and dad happy, I'll do it.

Dad keeps talking to me about my tail. I really don't get it...whats the big deal. They spend hours combing it and all they want me to do is keep it down. Nobody can see it then!

It was all very exhausting, but lotsa fun! I think its time for another nap.


Friday, July 4, 2008

The Newf days of Summer

These are a few of my favorite things!

Hurry up and throw the stick!
Where did it go?
It doesn't get much better than this, unless of course my buddies Satch, Andrew and Rebus were here.

Hope your having a good summer!
See you at the beach