Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire à Satchel!!!

My buddy Satch (his dad calls him Scoldy) turns 4 on Sunday. He is a very very special buddy. As you can see by his pictures he is one amazing boy!!

Satchel is a California boy and lives with his brother Andrew, he was born in wine country, he is a beautiful "Karazan."

Hey Satch my mom told me when I turned 4 that I have to be more mature now, do you know what that means?

I know all of you will join me in wishing Satch a very happy birthday!! Hope you get lots of presents!

All the best Satch,

Your best friend Gizmo

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gizzy Does California

Wow what a trip I went on. It started out on a ferry with lots of people talking to me. I even met a whole class of students from Idaho!!

But then the drive started to get to me. I kept asking "how much further" and can we stop at another rest stop?

Mom and Dad left me for the day but boy was I in good hands. I got looked after by the best!!! This real cool dude that knew more about newfies than I do. Satchie and Andrews dad!!! He is the greatest!!! He took me for coffee and I got to hang out outside. It might look like I'm waiting for my mom and dad but actually I'm waiting for Steve to take me somewhere. Not only that I got all kinds of goodies, a new leash and collar that is the coolest!! A great big bag of snacks. oh and Mrs. P made me a custom bib...yeah I do drool a bit!

The next thing I know we are driving downtown San Francisco, I get to hang out at the really nice Italian Restaurant, so many people walk by and talk to me, some from a distance. I even got my picture taken a few times. Hummer's mom was there and she came out and met me. Hummer just won BOB on the weekend. Congratulations!!

I met Satch and Andrew up at Mrs. P's the next day. They got to hang out outside, but I was taken inside for a refurbishing, I still don't get why they didn't have to.

What was so amazing was I got groomed in the same room at the same time as The Great and Powerfull "Paris" He is just the most perfect example of a newf, if I do say...

By this time as you can see I was getting a little bit tired and all I wanted was to go home to my bed. But I endured the grooming and I did feel a whole lot better in the end.

I got to stay in some really nice hotels along the way. They didn't mind that I was a big boy, the hotel staff looked after me really well, I got goodie bags when we checked in. One hotel gave me the honour of "VIP" very important pet! They took my picture for the front desk and I got a new toy.

But you know how it goes, all good things must come to an end. I met some really cool people, my best friends Satch and Drew, and my buddy Steve. They are going to come and visit me when the snow falls. I can't wait!!! When I got home I was so pooped I slept for daze......

Thanks again Satchie, Drew you guys have the best dad!!!

Your buddy Gizmo