Friday, November 6, 2009

I do like ice cream...yes I do!

What I did over the summer by Gizmo Savory

I finally convinced my mom to update my blog. With the help of my dad here is the story of what I did this summer. I was a very busy boy, but I had alot of fun!

Well it all started in around May when my mom and dad said I was going to get re-tired (I never did see any tires and couldn't quite figure out how you get them on something that has no rims, but I didn't think I really wanted to find out so I kinda left it alone.) Anyway shortly after that me and a bunch of my friends and their mom's and dad's started meeting at Shawnigan Lake for a swim on Saturdays. It started out just being for a fun get together but as the summer progressed our parents started to get us more focused on certain exercises. It was still a lot of fun and sometimes if I was really good I would get part of a bran muffin or something. Now you know that I don't usually eat any kind of food let alone human food but after I have been swimming for a while I could eat just about anything. Soon we were pulling in boats and adding in some handling to the mix. I like the boat pulling the best!

oh alright then, I like riding in the boat the best but if someone needed saving I could if I wanted to pull the boat to shore!

On the last weekend in August we all went up to Hornby Island for a few days and stayed at my property up there. You already know that Hornby is one of my most favorite places in the whole world. The beaches are just awesome and on some days we go to four or more beaches in one day! I love it!!! We all practiced everyday and had a great time!

Once we came back from Hornby we practiced more but at our beach near our house in the ocean. My mom and dad were getting me all ready for my water test. I was working all summer towards my Water Dog Title, and now I was going to get tested.

But that is when I pointed out my injury on my paw. I had an infection and it required an operation and stitches and meds and everything. I wasn't allowed to get it wet for guess out...I missed my test.

But I sure had a lot of fun learning and the swimming was such a relief from the warm summer we had!

Now the staff have got me this new body harness and the wheeled thing they want to attach me and the new harness to. I really like the new harness (it has my name on it too) but I don’t know about the wheeled thing . It looks like a lot of work top me (I think I can feel my foot getting sore again). They tell me it’s what we are going to be doing until the national so I guess I should make the best of it besides it seems to humour the staff.

By for now Gizmo

PS I will let you know how the wheeled thing goes.

I thought that bears hibernated in the winter...................