Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yippee...She came Back!!

My mom left us...she went away for the weekend to go watch some other newfies at a dog show, and didn't take us with her. Talk about "The Horror of it All" We were left to do everything. I waited every day by the gate for mom to come home and night after night dad would call me into the house. I slept right by her chair thinking that she would appear, but noooooo, she was too busy hanging out with Satchel and Andrew. She thinks I don't know, but I could smell them. I was just so glad when she came home and didn't have them with her!!... Mom also got to visit with alot of the Karazan's, she finally got to meet the Handsome Hummer, and the two sweetest girls Sophie and Bella, and she watched Karazan's Meet the Press "Preston" take BOB and go on to compete in the group. Now he's a pro!!! Here he is before he goes in the ring. But dad and I had a really good time, dad took me with him everywhere, to the dog park, shopping and he even took me up to see his mom, which is a long drive from our house, but we made lotsa stops along the way, so I got to get out of the truck lots. We were supposed to have a play date with Boomer, but he had to go the the groomers. His first experience, but dad says he did really well, got all washed and dried and fluffed. We are still waiting to see pictures of him. I waited and waited for mom to come home...night after night.
This is Satchel and Andrew, and I heard mom tell dad that if they would have fit in her suitcase she would have brought them home with her......Whew...lucky she only had a small suitcase!!! It's looking like she is having a pretty good time, and it doesn't even look like she is missing us!!!

Here is Androol lapping up a bucket of water and giving his brother a taste.

And then they got all groomed up and entered the show. And our buddy Satchel won Winners Dog, he was so handsome mom said, he looked great!!!

This is Ch. Karazan's H2 "Hummer". My mom got to look after Hummer while his mom Claire was showing one of the Karazan girls. My mom was pretty happy that Claire picked her to look after him. Hummer is a pretty big boy, he weighs 165lbs. and is about as tall as me.

Mom did bring me back a couple stuffies, Uncle Steve sent one of them and I love the donkey, Thanks Uncle Steve!!!
I am so glad my mom came home, now things are back to normal.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bro Danko and Me

This is mom's favorite picture of moi...isn't it cute!!! She says I have a
big head!!!

ok you guys don't break the chain....let's stick together

As you can see Danko loves the snow as much as me....but I don't see a rain coat on him......

Well it happened, the mom's talked...and Danko's mom sent some pictures to us. This one is of moi and my brother Danko. Danko weighs in at 173lbs today and mom says I'm about 175, so we are pretty close in size. Who would have thought that these 2 gorgeous little puppies would grow into such handsome boys like us.

Here is Danko, isn't he a cutie, he has just a little white on his chest, my mom and dad didn't see me when I was this small, so it was really special that Danko's mom Dori sent us these pictures. Now mom and dad can see how cute I was. Thanks Auntie Dori for all the pictures you sent and mom says if you would like to share more with us we would love to see them!!! Maybe some day we'll meet, you don't live that far away from me.

I feels so good to have finally found one of my litter mates.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey "Danko" where are you?

Oh I am just so excited, my mom and dad have been trying to find some of my litter mates and now one has found me!!! Please Danko can you get your mom to contact my mom and dad, they would like to compare notes with you. Do you know of any of our other litter mates? Do you have a blog that we can share as well.

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. How did you find me? I sure like your antlers!!! Have you seen any of my youtube videos?
We hope to hear from you soon Danko so get your mom on it.
Take Care

The day "Boomer" came to town

Here is Boomer just arriving at our house, he is a little unsure about getting out of his crate, mom says its because of me, I'm so big that I scare the poor guy.

Mom said he sat on her lap all the way over on the ferry. He must have been really comfortable cause I have sat on mom's lap before and she gives the best ear scratches.

Mom held Boomer for one more time before passing him off to his new mom Tami. Tami will be taking him home to Alesha and Andrew who have no idea they were getting a new puppy. So lotsa surprises today. My mom just loves surprises.

Ok so I wasn't the most excited one when Boomer came to my house, I'm just not used to having some competition around. Even tho mom and dad said it was only for a short time. You see Boomer is from Sun City California, and he flew here from Los Angeles yesterday and stayed with us before he went to his new home. He has a new mom and dad and 2 kids to look after him. I know he will have a great life. I must admit he is a really cute puppy. See how he looks like me.

Here he is with his new mom. She was so excited to see him. You see mom and dad surprised her, Boomer wasn't supposed to arrive until next week, but mom pulled a few strings and with the help of Auntie Sheila who drove Boomer all the way from Sun City to Los Angeles he arrived a few days early. Auntie Sheila is where Boomer came from, his mom Cricket and dad Thunder are 2 newfies who live with her. This was the first litter for Cricket and she did a pretty darn good job.

I know life in Boomer's world will be good and I know he will be just as spoiled as me. We are going to have lotsa play dates together, and Boomer is going to come to class with me.
Won't you all join me in welcoming Boomer to Canada and to his new family.
See you soon buddy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look What I Found on the Beach Today "Update"

We received a call from the Vancouver Aquarium. "Elliott" is between 3-5 months old, is a female and is suffering an infection. If Gizzy hadn't of rescued her, she may not be with us today. The Aquarium is keeping her for 6-8 weeks while she heals, and then she will be released back into the great big sea. Thank you to the Vancouver Aquarium for your great response in helping Elliott!!!

Mom and Dad took me to the beach today for our daily beachcombing, and something smelled different. It only took me a minute to sniff it out. I really wanted to get closer but dad said I would scare the poor thing. It was a Seal Pup abandoned by it's mommy. The poor little guy was in alot of trouble, he could hardly lift his head. I just knew we had to do something, so I kept looking at dad and sniffing towards the seal. We came home and dad got his camera and we went back and took pictures. Dad emailed the pictures to the Vancouver Aquarium, he made a couple phone calls and we went back to the beach to meet a lady who took the seal with her. Dad said she was going to send it to Vancouver Aquarium and they would look after it. It was a very exciting day.

We named him "Elliott" thats the name of the beach we go to. We said good bye and I hope that he gets as well looked after as I do. Now its time for a rest, I'm exhausted!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Raingear Update

Ok so she made me wear it out...I mean out in public!!! It was a little hard to get used to at first, but after I discovered I could do all the things that a guy likes to do...it was....well...ok..I guess.

I tried to run away from it at first but it wouldn't leave me. So then I just went with it. I'm still thinking its a wee bit on the tight side for my svelt figure, but mom says she can fix that. Great....

Anyway after our walk and mom took it off, I was as dry as I was before we left, all the dirt and mud was on my rainsuit!!

I ran around and shook like crazy but in the end...(don't tell anybody) I think it worked....darn it!!!