Monday, November 12, 2007

I Love my Stuffy!!!

Ok so that doesn't sound very Newficious, but I keep hearing mom and dad talking about getting a brother for me, so everytime they go out I'm afraid of what they might bring home. Well today I thought that was it, here comes mom with this big fluffy white thing in her arms, I'm doomed, now I will have to share everything, and we all know that newfies have a hard time sharing. So she blows past me at the door and I tried so hard to get a whiff, but I wasn't quick enough to check it out. Then I hear dad say to let me check it out. The next thing I know I have this big white fluffy thing in my mouth. Its a new stuffy!!... (I don't have to share) Now you know why "I Love my Stuffy."



onecoatsam said...

Don't worry Gizzy, you will always be Number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

But if you're thinking about a little brother, there is a Karazan litter on its way this week. It's from Roxy and Chester.

Maybe you just need a little more Rebus, but you gotta be sweet to that young boy. We sure love you and your parents.

Satchel & Andrew

Rebus said...

Oh Gizzy you lucky thing...a new WHITE stuffy....I only have my old Cookie Monster and the cats! mind you they make great sounds when you try to stoke & lick them!


Gizmosav said...

Hey Rebus,
How you doin? Good to hear from you. How's the reno's going? Do you have your own room yet? Dad says your house is oh so big now, you could get a brother too.
I need more pictures of you buddy, get your mom to send some.
Take Care

Bubba Gump the Newf said...

Hi Giz!
I'm Bubba - pleased to make your acquaintance. Is the stuffy still white? My 2lggd mom says "No white furniture, no white pants, no white stuffies." Just get it soggy, and take it out into the yard. That should do the trick!


Anonymous said...