Friday, September 26, 2008

Who Eats This Stuff?

My mom and dad keep trying to get me to eat these hard crunchie things that taste just terrible.

I really have to know is there any newfies out there that actually eat this stuff. They keep buying different kinds and think that I will eat it but it is the worst tasting stuff ever! Dad even tried to show me how good it was by sitting with me and eating them too!!...He even said some tasted bad and no wonder I didn't eat them. Just who does the quality control on this so called food. Its not any newfies thats for sure.
My mom thinks she is being so sneaky and buries cookies in with the kibble, but I just dig them out and eat them and leave the kibble...yuck!!!..
If there is any dog food company out there that thinks they can produce something fit for a newfie my mom and dad would really like you to let us know.
As you can see in the video not one of the 14 kinds they tried me on even came close to satisfying my hunger. And I haven't eaten for 2 days.....Its driving mom and dad crazy, but what can I do if they don't feed me something I like?
Hey Drew, Satch, guys getting any good food these days??
I know if I hold out long enough and look really sad, mom and dad will give me some cookies.


onecoatsam said...

Giz, you showed them. The stuff is not fit for a dog. I didn't hear your Dad say "steak" or "hamburger" or "roast chicken" or anything like that. Keep up the good work. Only protests like that will get us what we like.

Satch & 'Drew

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro....I'm chowing down on Orijen and it's o.k. Mum puts good stuff in such as liver & green tripe...even some cooked chicken to "tempt" me so I let her think it's o.k. They just came back from a trip and my sister who was looking after me took me to the ferry to meet them I was sooo pleased to see them but I gave them the cold shoulder all the way home just so they don't think they can leave me again! see ya soon Giz

Jazzy said...

Hey Gizzy, I bet if you eat your dinner, your mom and dad will take you for a truck ride to the ice cream drive -thru window afterwards =D

Sophie and Isabella said...

Hey Gizmo,
I sure don’t blame you for not eating that crapola “super” healthy food. I tried some at a vender at a dog show and it was yuckers! I hated to be rude but I just had to spit it out right in front of the salesperson. I know you don’t know me yet but I eat everything and anything! So for me not to eat that “super” healthy food you know it must be bad. It tasted just like cardboard and I should know because I’ve eating a lot cardboard too. I told ya I eat everything! I’m starting to catch on I shouldn’t eat mom’s magazines before she reads them or the kitchen baseboards.
Hang in there your mom and dad will find the right food for you soon.
Your buddy