Sunday, October 19, 2008

CH Mainsail's Blackbeary Express

My brother Rebus and I were in a dog show on the weekend. We had to wait around for our turn in the ring. I just don't get it mom spends hours and hours washing, drying, combing and clipping me and for what? A whole 60 seconds in the ring. At least this time the judges were nice to me. And boy did they smell good!
I got to go in the ring more than once this time, which made it worth it I guess. The last time in the ring I got to go in with 2 girls, Enya is a very special girl, the only time she is in the ring is the last time, and she prances around like she knows what to do. I just kinda follow along behind her.
This is Rebus and his mom waiting their turn in the ring. Rebus looked so good, he's getting the hang of it. He doesn't mind the judges touching him at all in fact it looks to me like he really enjoys it! He is such a handsome boy if I do say so. His tail is just like mine. We should have a contest to see who can carry their tail higher. Dad keeps telling me to keep it down and wacks it every once in awhile.
At he end of the show mom took our pictures. Don't we look handsome?
Mom and dad were pretty happy the last day, they said I was a "Champ" and that now I can carry my tail any way I want. Whew, that was hard work. I got to eat as many cookies as I wanted. And they even gave me some steak to eat, but I wasn't in to I'm just kinda hanging out waiting to see if any good looking girls come my way.
Hey Satchie, are there any girls up at the kennels that would be interested in a good looking Canadian boy? I know your hanging out with alot of girls right now so see if you can find one for me.


CDS said...

Looking Good and Way-To-Go, Champ! We are proud of you Gizmo!

Hummer and Claire

Sophie and Isabella said...

Uncle Steve told us the good news. Congratulations Champ! Wow you look great! I love your front feet and wow the beautiful knee socks on Rebus! Are all you boys up there that handsome?? When your mom and dad don’t give you what you want just throw out the word “Champion”. It works every time.
Bella says congrats too!

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