Saturday, November 15, 2008

Life on Hornby Island

We just came back from four days on Hornby Island...what a paradise!!! Mom and Dad seem so much more relaxed when we are there. They take me for long walks at Heliwell Park, its so beautiful, you can see the seals and sealions. They sure are big and make alot of noise, I thought they might need some help so I was ready to jump in and save them. We went to 4 different beaches and no one was on any of them. Not even the nudie beach....I think it was too cold, but perfect temperature for us newfies. You can run forever on the beaches, pure sand and longer than you can bark.

It takes two ferry rides to get there and I love going through the toll booth, they always have cookies for me, and not just one....I usually get extra. Then on the ferry all kinds of people talk to me and comment on how big my head is!! Whats with that, have they never seen a newfie before?

I get to go wherever I want in the house except I'm not much for going up the stairs, so I keep watch at night when mom and dad go to bed, I hang out right at the bottom of the stairs, keeping guard. Although I'm not sure what I'm guarding against. Dad's parents bought 5 acres in 1959 and paid $1000.00 for it. It had been a summer paradise for them, until his parents retired in 1977 and made Hornby thier permanent home. We are so lucky to have this special spot to call our home away from home....Thanks Grand dad!!!

I never have any trouble eating my dinners on Hornby, probably because I keep so busy during the day. Its the kinda place where everyone knows each other and will help you if you need it but at the same time will let you do your own thing.

When I get home from Hornby I seem to sleep for days, mom says I snore loud, but thats because I have had so much fun. All newfies should experience Hornby at least once in their lifetime. We have lotsa room so if any of you newfies want to come for a visit just let me know, and I will show you the best time of your life!!!!

This video is of us just heading to the path that takes us to the beach....its so much fun can't you tell.

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onecoatsam said...

Hi Giz --

You and Hornby are both so beautiful -- we're ready to visit!


shoshonah said...

hi im shoshonah selby and stevi's neicei love you gizmo and i think your very funny

CDS said...

Hornby Island is Newfy Paradise and I would love to come up there for a visit sometime, thanks for the great photos,you are one lucky guy!! I think I will go to the beach in San Francisco tomorrow!

Your buddy,


Anonymous said...

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