Sunday, February 1, 2009

Look What my Dad Made

My dad is very talented, he made these newfie cutouts! The ones above are made out of stainless steel and mirror polished. He cuts them out at work and brings them home and spends hours polishing them.
The rest that you see are finished with a powder coating, that will last a lifetime. Can you imagine a newfie that lasts a lifetime!!!

He put a stake on this one so you can stick it in the ground in your garden.

This one he painted the name on and put a hole in the top so that it can be hung on a wall. This is the biggest one he has made so far. It measures 36" from tip of tail to tip of nose. He has made all sizes from 6 inches to this one.
He also made one for our gate at the end of our driveway. He's put our house number on it.
Mom wants him to make a life size one for her, that she can put in her garden. I don't get it, she won't let me in her garden but she wants a newfie that dad made in her garden.
He makes these as a fundrasier for our Local Newfoundland Club.
I love my dad...


Life is good in Koda's World said...

Wow Giz your dad IS awesome! Those things are cool! Why aren't you allowed in your mom's garden? You should be allowed everywhere!


Sophie and Isabella said...

Your dad is so awesome! We love our yard Newfie you made us! Your dad could make millions of dollars at our Newf specialty! You know our Newfie moms and dads.... they love this kind of stuff.

onecoatsam said...

Beautiful work Dad. Can you make one as big and beautiful as Gizzy?

Anonymous said... any of these scurvy dogs have eye pateches? Me first mate Boomer could use one on board the good ship "Drool".

Capt'n Andy & Boomer

Sarah said...

Your dad's awesome Giz! I'd totally buy a Karazan one.. just picked up my Sebastian 3 weeks ago =) I hope he grows up to be a happy and handsome boy just like you Gizzy!

Jazzy said...

Absolutely beautiful work done by your dad Gizzy.
I know all of his time and efforts are very much appreciated .
Very talented .
Thanks for posting the pics! :)

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