Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gizzy's 2009 Christmas Activities

Oh I have had such a busy time over Christmas. Not only the parade, but I got to visit some seniors at the Nanaimo Seniors Village. It was me and Santa...aka dad...yup he tried to fool me by putting on this Santa suit, but I could smell him a mile away.

It was fun going around and getting hugs from the grandma's and grandpa's and in return I gave them all Candy Canes.
We made one very special visit to a gentleman's suite. His name is Jack and he is 94 years old would I have to be in dog years to be 94?

Anyway he was very sad this year as he had just lost his wife a month or so ago. She is at the Rainbow Bridge awaiting his arrival. Santa decorated Jack's suite up with Christmas lights and gave him a present to open Christmas day... The whole time Jack was trying to figure out who Santa was...I knew but I wasn't telling.

Then the next day I got to visit Santa the the pet store. I liked him a lot and told him all the neat stuff I wanted for Christmas. He wasn't sure if he could bring me a girl or not, but he did say that he could probably pull through with the new bed.

and den.............

I finally did it!.. I carted my first live load.... It was a lot of fun. I took mom and dad's nieces and nephews for cart rides up and down our road.
They really enjoyed themselves and they would have liked to have done more, but my dad was looking after me and said I had had enough. It's tuff work pulling those kids all over.

One thing it did for me tho was worked up my appetite. Dad fed me my biggest dinner yet and I even licked the plate clean!
Oh and then I needed cookies...lots of makes the best cookies!
Now I'm going for my last swim of 2009, in the dog pool. Mom has my boat cushion packed and my bright orange buoy. I think I'm in for a load of fun.
I'll get my mom to post some pictures.


Byron said...

Wow Gizmo you sure had a busy Christmas! I bet all those Grandmas and Grandpas really enjoyed you visiting them.
My Mom and I think you are a very handsome dude.
Happy New Year Gizmo, and all the best for 2010!


Anonymous said...

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Sophie and Isabella said...

Geez Giz! You are the hardest working dog we know!
Sophie and Bella

Anonymous said...

If there's ever going to be
a Dog of the Year
most definitely hold that honor.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic! Gizmo is delightful...and so is your blog.
Hello from Montreal.


Anonymous said...

Gizzy and family, you are the best!

I am currently working at a senior center and know how hard the holidays can be for some of them, especially when their spouse departs. I bet you made that man Jack feel a bit less lonely.

No Newf Yet

Anonymous said...

Love to Gizmo!!!

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