Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yipee their home!!!

Here are my buddies Satch and Drew, mom and dad just got back from a visit with them. Mom says that their dad Steve is the greatest....well next to my dad of course. Mom says that Satch looks just like me, infact I'm having a hard time telling if that is me or Satch in that picture. What do you think?
One day Satch and Andrew are going to come and visit me. I have so much to show them. We can go up the mountain to the snow, we can go to the beach every day, we can run anywhere we want and no one will chase us down, it will be so much fun!!!
I'm glad things are back to normal around here, its time for a nap.

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onecoatsam said...


We absolutely loved your parents and really look forward to coming up and having alot of adventures with you and Mom and Dad.

Satchie & 'Drew