Sunday, May 11, 2008

Gizzy Does California

Wow what a trip I went on. It started out on a ferry with lots of people talking to me. I even met a whole class of students from Idaho!!

But then the drive started to get to me. I kept asking "how much further" and can we stop at another rest stop?

Mom and Dad left me for the day but boy was I in good hands. I got looked after by the best!!! This real cool dude that knew more about newfies than I do. Satchie and Andrews dad!!! He is the greatest!!! He took me for coffee and I got to hang out outside. It might look like I'm waiting for my mom and dad but actually I'm waiting for Steve to take me somewhere. Not only that I got all kinds of goodies, a new leash and collar that is the coolest!! A great big bag of snacks. oh and Mrs. P made me a custom bib...yeah I do drool a bit!

The next thing I know we are driving downtown San Francisco, I get to hang out at the really nice Italian Restaurant, so many people walk by and talk to me, some from a distance. I even got my picture taken a few times. Hummer's mom was there and she came out and met me. Hummer just won BOB on the weekend. Congratulations!!

I met Satch and Andrew up at Mrs. P's the next day. They got to hang out outside, but I was taken inside for a refurbishing, I still don't get why they didn't have to.

What was so amazing was I got groomed in the same room at the same time as The Great and Powerfull "Paris" He is just the most perfect example of a newf, if I do say...

By this time as you can see I was getting a little bit tired and all I wanted was to go home to my bed. But I endured the grooming and I did feel a whole lot better in the end.

I got to stay in some really nice hotels along the way. They didn't mind that I was a big boy, the hotel staff looked after me really well, I got goodie bags when we checked in. One hotel gave me the honour of "VIP" very important pet! They took my picture for the front desk and I got a new toy.

But you know how it goes, all good things must come to an end. I met some really cool people, my best friends Satch and Drew, and my buddy Steve. They are going to come and visit me when the snow falls. I can't wait!!! When I got home I was so pooped I slept for daze......

Thanks again Satchie, Drew you guys have the best dad!!!

Your buddy Gizmo


onecoatsam said...

Gizzy -

We love you!
We wish there were more words to say it but that says it all.
And of course we love your parents.
We also miss you, and will be up to visit you next.

Your buddies,

Satch & 'Drew

Hummer said...

Hey Gizzy!!! It was so great to meet you and your parents!! You are as sweet and beautiful as your videos suggest! I'm glad you had fun in California we hope to see you again soon. Perhaps both you and Hummer will have baby brothers or sisters in the near future. I hope your show went well!

Love, Claire and Hummer