Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bye Bye Panda....1989-2008

Cat's Eulogy (With Love)
To My Mom & Dad With Love

Don’t be sad you had to end my pain
And know that you will see me once again
God’s given me a place to wait for you
And you know what?
He says He loves me too!!!

There’s lots of different critters all around
In Heaven there’s no evil to be found
So all of us just seem to get along
And Angels serenade us with their songs

People here are kind and stroke my fur
And they all seem to love it when I purr
I’m no longer sick so I am glad
Please don’t fill your days by being sad

I haven’t really gone that far away
And I’m really looking forward to the day
That we can be together up above
In this land of peace and happiness and love
- Karen Post

Good bye Pandabear...RIP sweetie..we miss you!!

1 comment:

onecoatsam said...

Oh guys, we are so, so sorry.
May the blessed Mary of the Angels wrap Panda in her cloak of peace.

Satchie & Andrew