Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gizzy and Rebus at NKC

Here I am getting my picture for Winner's Dog and BOS at Nanaimo Kennel Club Dog Show Rebus and I take it easy after our hard work. Rebus is my 1/2 brother, and is only 18 months old. Dad and I have a little chat before the show. Dad is trying to convince me to keep my tail down....whatever that means. All and all it was a great day, mom even won a squeaky for me. Thank you Nanaimo Kennel Club.


onecoatsam said...

You guys are beautiful. Way to go Gizzy!!! Congratulations from your buddies down south.


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Its a beautiful black dog, I had one, but my husband killed him because he was jealousy about it. The dog was my distraction. I think your dog is cute and very smart.

pharmacy said...

Beautiful dogs, they are huge, how much do they eat per day?

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