Friday, March 13, 2009

Going to America!

Yup my mom and dad are taking me to the USA for my first dog show there. Its in Bremerton, oh we have such a long drive ahead of us. Not to mention all the primping that I am going through at the moment. Mom and dad have washed me every week for the last 4 weeks, and mom says I have to have one more washing before we go. The torture of it all, having to endure all the brushing and washing and clipping....for what.....2 minutes in the ring where some stranger feels me all over....I mean all over in places only my vet Pam touches me! I like Dr. Pam! But I also like Del and thats her doing all the trimming so that I will look so handsome. She does such a good job!

We get to stay in a hotel again, and eat out every night. Thats the good part. And we get to meet lots of cool newfie people.
Wish us luck!!


Anonymous said...

I wish you were coming to Delaware! We have some good beaches here, that i think you might enjoy.

And Gizmo.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

still Nonewfyet

onecoatsam said...

Watch out America, indeed! Here comes big, beautiful Gizzy -- champ of Canada. Que bella terranova.

sjgp98 said...

Dear Gizmo,
Best of luck as you come to conquer the American show ring! I have no doubt that you will succeed, because you are one big, beautiful, and special boy. Also, have a very Happy Birthday. Thunder and Crickett have sent you a little present for your birthday, but I'm afraid it won't be there in time. Anyway, best of luck in Bremerton, and ask your Mom to post some video right the show.
Lots of love to all, and many Newfie hugs and licks,
Auntie Sheila, Thunder, and Crickett

Jazzy said...

Best of wishes to you Gizzy ! :)
I am so happy for you . Please keep us updated .
We have a lot of ice cream stores here in America so be sure and remind your mom and dad to take you to one every day !
Your friend always,

Life is good in Koda's World said...

Good luck Gizmo!! You'll knock them dead with your handsome-ness! Have fun on your roadtrip with your mom and dad, it'll be so much fun!


P.s. My mom says you guys can stop by Massachusetts if you want!

Rebusmum said...

Hi Giz

Happy Birthday bro! Mum says you looked great on Saturday. Hope you have a super birthday with lot's of goodies.


Danko said...

Happy St. Patricks Day Gizmo
and an early wish for you to Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow.

Wow you're going down to Bremerton for a dog show, I'm jealous. I wish I could go into a dog show too but I can't... We will be watching for updates when you get back. Have great fun and keep your tail down. :)
Hugs and Best Wishes your bro Danko and Auntie Dori

Sophie and Isabella said...

Go get em' Gizzy! We wish it could have been worked out for us to meet you in WA. Look out America.... Big Giz is on his way.

Anonymous said...

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