Monday, March 30, 2009

Gizzy Goes Carting....

Well mom finally got her way. She has been wanting to make a working dog out of me for along time, and I have been resisting. But on Sunday we all went to a Carting Clinic that the Newf and Berner Clubs put on. It was a beautiful sunny day and the turnout was called it Newfie Heaven!!!

We started off just kinda sniffing around the carts. Then mom went on a hunt to find a harness for me. She kept trying harness after harness but none would fit my slim build, until way down at the bottom out comes this nice leather harness, dad adjusted all the buckles on it and surprise it fit me! So we walk around to make sure everything feels ok with the harness and nothing bugs me. Next dad brings this cart up to me and throws some treats in it so I sniff around and find them, he picks the cart up and we walk around with it for awhile. Every once in a while he hits me with it, I just kinda looked at him "watch your driving dad!"

I had to show everyone how good I was at backing up. Dad taught me how to back up a long time ago, so that part was easy.

Then the cart gets attached to me, and now they want me to walk with it, I said "no way" get me outta here! So they undo everything and we walk around a bit. Then they attach the cart again and I take a few steps, then they undo it all again, we did this about 5-6 times and in the end it was ok, but the cart was too small for me and kept digging into my shoulder. So dad mentioned something about having to build one for me.

I met alot of other newfies, this is a picture of Chris and her boy Chevy. Chevy is from Saskatchewan. he did really well with the carting, but his mom has been practicing with him.

But I gotta tell you the best part of the whole day was at the end. This really hot Landseer comes strutting by and gives moi a little wiggle of her butt. She was drop dead gorgeous. We goofed around for a bit and everyone was laughing at us, but hey it wasn't funny!.. I wanted her and she wanted me but the almighty leash held us at bay. We both tried to break free but dad and a firm grip on me and her mom had even a firmer grip on her!

It was a really tiring day, no resting for us working dogs. When we got home it was dinner and lights out.

But I know thats not the end of my carting days, cause mom and dad were talking about getting my own harness and cart.

I think I would much rather spend time with the girls!!!



Anonymous said...

Gizzy you are a total stud!

Your admiring pal

No Newf yet

Sophie and Isabella said...

Whoa Gizzy if being an international show dog isn’t enough… now a carting working dog?? You sure are multi-talented! Your new adorable girlfriend sure was a flirt! Uh Oh our mom is talking about harnessing us up now too.
Sophie and Bella

Life is good in Koda's World said...

Giz! You look super cool carting! I got to see my first carting event today, it was wicked cool. Sorry we've been MIA, mom has been lazy. She just updated my blog. anyways, hope all is well, puberty is setting in and things are getting weird.

your buddy,

Charity, Gary, Katie and Louie said...

I just started carting too a couple of months ago. I wish you lived in Arkansas. We could be carting pals. You are such a gorgeous Newfie. I have some carting videos of me on my blog if you want to check them out.

Love and Licks from Katie the Newf and her little brother Louie the Newf puppy (who already weighs more than big Sis)

Jazzy said...

How cute ! Did you get her cell number Giz ? =D