Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why all the Bother, this Dog Show World?

We just spent 4 days dog showing. The competition was very strong with
19 of us on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. Mom says I'm Special now, what does
that mean? I thought I was always special. Anyway I wasn't the only one Special
at this show. There was 9 of us so called "Special" types.

All of this grooming is very tiring. I get so bored with it, I would much rather be swimming or truck riding or bush wacking.

As you can see I get very excited waiting for my turn in the ring. It seems we wait forever for our turn, and then the judge does all this touchy feely stuff, which I have never been able to understand. Dad and I run around the ring following all the other dogs, its ok if its a girl in front of me, I like chasing after the girls!

When its all over I'm ready for the ride home and a good long nap. After we stop for Ice cream
of course!

Mom says I can go back to being a normal dog for a couple weeks and then its back for another show. I'm hoping I can convince her to let me go swimming!


Sophie and Isabella said...

Good luck with getting to swim! I’m in the middle of a show month! And mom has put up a 10 foot iron fence around my pool! Mom says she wishes I would relax like you before going in the ring. I like to walk around and look at stuff or play tug of war with the drool rags. Good luck with all those upcoming shows.

CDS said...

Oh yeah, girls!!! That's all I could think about last weekend at my show, Mom said my interest in girls made me look crippled in the show ring, something about my nose dragging on the ground.... hard to reach and drive with your big nose pointing south. Anyway, she said a new handler will do me good.... I like your style, Gizmo, sort of Zen-like. Do the girls like Zen? I'll ask Bella next weekend. Mom says my bath is going to be all in cold water tomorrow...what did I do??

Good luck in your next shows!


Life is good in Koda's World said...

Hey Giz, you look pretty cool in that show ring! You deserve a nice good swim after all that grooming and groping! I wish you could've came swimming with me in New York, it was AWESOME. Anyways, hope you're doing well, talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Love the exhausted sprawl on the table. It doesn't take much does it! He is gorgeous!