Friday, December 28, 2007

"BJ the Best" Remembered

Ok so he's not all newf, but believe it or not his dad was Beau. He was very important to my mom and dad. BJ left them suddenly, Jan 1, 2004 and I thought it would be a good idea to feature BJ on my blog. As you can see he was one happy puppy, mom taught him how to play soccer just like she has tried to teach me, but I tend to loose interest quickly. Dad says BJ was very special because he was allowed to go into the hospitals and put smiles on alot of peoples faces. He was also allowed to go to work with dad everyday....I got to go once...
Thats dad and BJ on the suspension bridge, I've been on it before, mom doesn't like it much cause she says I make it sway, I would much rather be in the water below it though.
Join me in giving a wag of the tail to "BJ the Best."
Gizmo the Great....well trying hard

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onecoatsam said...

"BJ the Best" we wish we would have known you, and know you were in the best hands with your parents.

No one can replace you, but perhaps Gizzy can find a buddy to help ease the pain.

All our love,

Satchel & Andrew