Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hey Drew "Wanna know a Secret?"

Hey you guys, I heard mom and dad talking last night, and they mentioned that maybe....just maybe your dad might bring you up to Canada for a visit at Christmas! I can't wait to meet you! My mom is busy making all these good smells coming from her kitchen. Yup christmas baking, and she makes special stuff for us newfs....I'm not one to usually share, but she bakes so much that I know there will be extra for you two too!!! Hopefully you will be able to meet with Rebus, his mom says he is full of beans! There are so many things I want to show you guys, we will have lotsa fun! Just a couple things to warn you about. Mom has a cat...I know I don't get it either, but she's been here alot longer than me, she's 19 (the cat not mom), and deaf, she wants nothing to do with me so we get along just great! She is black with white paws just like us tho. And the other is Farmer Joe's Chickens! We have to stay away from them, I try to sneak over casually but get caught every time....might be the noise the chickens make when they see me.
Anyway keep me posted.
Hope to see you soon

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onecoatsam said...

Gizzy -

Andrew and I are planning to escape to Vancouver if he doesn't bring us!!!!

Satchel & Andrew