Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Buster" we miss you!!

This is dedicated to "Buster."
I never knew Buster, but he was very special to my mom and dad, and to BJ and Beau. Apparently the three of them hung out all the time. Buster was either at mom and dad's or BJ and Beau were at Buster's. They lived right next door with no fence for about 7 years. Buster looks like he was the smallest of the group but he thought he was the biggest! Nothing got in his way. What mom remembers most about Buster is the way that he greeted her when she came home. You could hear him whining from a mile away, and mom says that when she went to visit Buster after he moved he still greeted her the same way. Dad says that the 3 of them would go for walks in the woods together and that Beau would hold Busters lead in his mouth. They were like the three muskateers and Buster was the last of them.
Buster has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and the three of them are together again, having a great time.
I think dad had a real soft spot for Buster.....its the first time I've seen him shed a tear.
Buster you will always have a place in our hearts.
Take care buddy,
Gizzy & Co.

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