Sunday, April 13, 2008

Congratulations Satch & Drew

My buddies Satch (Scoldie) and Drew were at a Dog Show this weekend in Sacramento...and they both did really well.

Satchie won Open Dog, then Winner's Dog, then Best of Winners, which meant he went into Best of Breed.
Two of the top five dogs in the US were in the competition, and he took second!!!!!! (Long live the white tips!!)

Drew got Winner's Reserve Dog. This was all done under extreme heat. Satchie's dad said it was sooooo hot....there is no way I could have handled that (well not without ice cream and a swimming pool)

A big newfie wag of the tail to my Karazan buddies. Good luck today. You guys are superstars and have made your papa very proud.

See ya in a couple weeks.




Anonymous said...

See Please Here

onecoatsam said...

Hey Gizzy -

You and your parents are sooooo sweet. Thanks so much.
We can't wait until you get here.