Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Yipee" My First Swim this Year!!

What a great day I had today. I was finally allowed to go swimming. We go to the beach every day and everyday I try to go in the water, but no.....I'm not sure what was up today but I didn't even ask, I just ran right in the water and waited for dad to throw the stick. It was so much fun. I brought the stick back every time until I was so tired. I carried the stick all the way home. The next thing I know mom and dad have the hose and bucket and oh joy its bath time!! What did I do to deserve this?


Bubba the Newf said...

Giz, I know just what you're talkin' 'bout ... why do these 2lggds do that??? Just when I get to smelling good (I love the smell of the ocean dontcha know) then they want to replace that with the smell of flowers or somethin.

We had our first spring trip to the beach a week ago. And sure 'nuff, then it was bathtime.

Glad you had a great time anyway.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

onecoatsam said...

Hey GIz -

Now you can show them what you look like all refurbished!