Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bro Danko and Me

This is mom's favorite picture of moi...isn't it cute!!! She says I have a
big head!!!

ok you guys don't break the chain....let's stick together

As you can see Danko loves the snow as much as me....but I don't see a rain coat on him......

Well it happened, the mom's talked...and Danko's mom sent some pictures to us. This one is of moi and my brother Danko. Danko weighs in at 173lbs today and mom says I'm about 175, so we are pretty close in size. Who would have thought that these 2 gorgeous little puppies would grow into such handsome boys like us.

Here is Danko, isn't he a cutie, he has just a little white on his chest, my mom and dad didn't see me when I was this small, so it was really special that Danko's mom Dori sent us these pictures. Now mom and dad can see how cute I was. Thanks Auntie Dori for all the pictures you sent and mom says if you would like to share more with us we would love to see them!!! Maybe some day we'll meet, you don't live that far away from me.

I feels so good to have finally found one of my litter mates.



Life is good in Koda's World said...

Oh Gizzy you two are so precious! I am so glad you found eachother. I hope you two will someday meet and play together! Maybe I can find one of my littermates...


onecoatsam said...

Just too dang cute. More, more more!!


onecoatsam said...

The new pictures are just over the top. Way too much to comprehend that Gizzy was ever that small. And it's like they are playing follow-the-tail. I need a drink to take all this in.