Friday, January 16, 2009

The day "Boomer" came to town

Here is Boomer just arriving at our house, he is a little unsure about getting out of his crate, mom says its because of me, I'm so big that I scare the poor guy.

Mom said he sat on her lap all the way over on the ferry. He must have been really comfortable cause I have sat on mom's lap before and she gives the best ear scratches.

Mom held Boomer for one more time before passing him off to his new mom Tami. Tami will be taking him home to Alesha and Andrew who have no idea they were getting a new puppy. So lotsa surprises today. My mom just loves surprises.

Ok so I wasn't the most excited one when Boomer came to my house, I'm just not used to having some competition around. Even tho mom and dad said it was only for a short time. You see Boomer is from Sun City California, and he flew here from Los Angeles yesterday and stayed with us before he went to his new home. He has a new mom and dad and 2 kids to look after him. I know he will have a great life. I must admit he is a really cute puppy. See how he looks like me.

Here he is with his new mom. She was so excited to see him. You see mom and dad surprised her, Boomer wasn't supposed to arrive until next week, but mom pulled a few strings and with the help of Auntie Sheila who drove Boomer all the way from Sun City to Los Angeles he arrived a few days early. Auntie Sheila is where Boomer came from, his mom Cricket and dad Thunder are 2 newfies who live with her. This was the first litter for Cricket and she did a pretty darn good job.

I know life in Boomer's world will be good and I know he will be just as spoiled as me. We are going to have lotsa play dates together, and Boomer is going to come to class with me.
Won't you all join me in welcoming Boomer to Canada and to his new family.
See you soon buddy!


onecoatsam said...

Boomer -

You are just precious -- you new Daddy, Gizmo, will always be around for you.


Anonymous said...

Arrr.. me new seadog Boomer be a good ship mate. Fair winds blow, the seas be fine, tis time for an eye patch and dog grog.

Capt'n Andy

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Nanaimo Boomer....I almost drove off the road when I saw you yesterday you are just lovely. Rebus hopes to meet you one of these days.

Rebus's mum

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