Monday, June 15, 2009

Gizmo Passes the Test!!!

So mom and dad have been doing alot of training with me, and I wasn't too sure where we were going with it. Other than the fact that I've been getting a whole lot of yummy treats when I do what they ask me. These treats are very very special mom calls them "Cinnamircles" and I love them!!!

But it finally hit me. The other night we were out and I had to be on my best behaviour, there was alot of other dogs there as well. Dad took me through a series of different experiences, like meeting a stranger, letting that stranger pat me, comb me.

I then had to walk thru a bit of a course where the Evaluator gets you to turn in different directions, slow down, speed up and halt when told to.

I had to walk through a group of strangers, do my down and stay ( I like my down and stay) come when called, walk by some kind of distraction, walk through a door, and you know you never walk through first, always let your mom or dad go first, just in case there is something on the other side your not sure of. Had a little play session with dad and then settle down, (that was easy) then get left alone with a stranger for 3 minutes...all of this without relieving myself, which I was very proud not to do. Some of the other dogs didn't pass because they had to relieve themselves. But dad made sure we looked after that before the exam.

So in the end I passed and got this really cool looking rosette, got my picture taken and got letters at the end of my name. It's official, I'm now "CH Mainsail's Blackbeary Express CGN"...which stands for Canine Good Neighbour!

I'm not sure whats in store for me yet, but I'm thinking it might have something to do with either water or carts. Just no rest!

My life is never boring, well except when mom and dad go to work.



Anonymous said...

congrats gizzy, what do the letters after your name mean?

No Newf Yet

Life is good in Koda's World said...

Yay Giz! I want to get my CGC one day are awesome!


CDS said...

Way to go Gizzy! I tried that once and did everything but SIT on command, so we will try that another time....glad you are having a fun Summer!


Sophie and Isabella said...

Congratulations Giz! I earned my Canine Good Citizen last year and my favorite part was sitting with a stranger and having my chest scratched. Hey they didn’t give me a big beautiful ribbon like you got though. Oh well I hope your stranger gave you some good scratching too but then again you can resist petting us huh? Bella’s up next for her CGC. Hope all is well up your way. Still pulling those carts?
Your California Girl,

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