Monday, June 29, 2009

Water Training

Every Saturday our Newfie club puts on Water Rescue Training. It's so much fun. We all gather at Shawnigan Lake and we have 2 hours of endless fun. We start off doing some dry land training, obedience kinda stuff. Then it's into the water. We have 3 separate beach areas as well as a dock for jumping off of. I had never jumped off a dock before, it was a little scary at first but I finally made the plunge and went in over my head. Dad threw my orange buoy in and I jumped in after it, then dad jumped in to swim with me to the shore. I gotta tell ya it was soooo much fun!!! but boy was I tired afterwards! I live for Saturday mornings!! Gizzy

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CDS said...

Looks like fun Gizmo!! I'm sure you are a strong swimmer and are learning the "ropes" of water rescue very quickly. Let us know when your big water trial is and we will root for you!!

Hummer and Claire