Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh I have been one busy boy!

Mom and dad are on vacation and they are keeping me soooo busy! I've had no time for napping. First of all we got some great company from Germany. Jutta and Jurgen, I wasn't too sure of them at first but after a few days it was like they belonged here! We headed up to my most favorite place in the whole world, can you guess...yup Hornby Island. Jutta and Jurgen just loved it as well. They were wondering where all the people were. We spent alot of time at the beach and we were pretty much the only ones there!

Well besides the eagles, which there was alot of!

I met alot of people on the ferries as well as at the store. Hornby has 2 stores one of which is the Co-op, and that is where most people do their shopping.

These three girls were camping and we pretty much fell in love with each other. They asked if they could take me back to their campsite....hahaha mom said sure! But that never happened.
We made it back home from Hornby just in time to go to water training. Jutta and Jurgen had never seen it done before. There was 8 of us newfie types and we did dry land training. We practiced take, hold and release with all kinds of objects like buoys, life jackets, name it, if it fit in our mouth we were working with it! Then we did a bit of obedience training, heeling, turning, long stays and coming when called. Our next training session should see us in the water! I can't wait, cause mom and dad have been practicing alot with me in the water, this dry land stuff is well for hangashores...(oops sorry Satch)

We took Jutta and Jurgen to the airport a couple days later to see them off. Again I met alot of people there. Mom took me inside even tho the sign said "No dogs Allowed", but hey who's the dog?

Now I'm getting ready for a dog show this weekend. I got to go swimming this morning, and a big bath and mom put all this goopey stuff in my coat that makes me smell pretty...hey mom I'm a boy, I'm not supposed to smell pretty!

And now its time for me to have a well deserved rest. If you feel the ground shake don't worry it's just me snoring!

Thanks for reading
Your friend Gizmo

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onecoatsam said...

You've been a very busy boy Giz.
We can certainly understand why you didn't want to get up on the grooming table. Tell Mom to take it easy on you, eh!